Умот не е брод што треба да се натовари, умот е оган што треба да се разгори.“ - Плутарх

субота, 31. мај 2014.

I am a child just like you


We are all as one in our friendship

I am close to your mind and you are close to mine

We all dream our dreams under one sky

We all spread and share our friendship and love that shine.

Like dewdrops we are under this sky

Travelers in time are all of us.

What belongs to me belong to you as well

In good and bad words of comfort echo in one bus.

Let us all send this message of love

Let us all bring back the smiles in our eyes

We are all as one

Let us be friends and share our love, forget the cries.


No matter if you are dumb or witty

We are all bonded in this city.

We live in it and grow with it

Me and my city as in one single beat.

In Skopje there are streets wide and narrow

Along them play and run kids with balls, drums, an arrow.

I love my city and I do wish it stays eternal forever,

We are all proud of it and we love to live here forever and ever!


I am a book. There were many books in the library, all of them colorful and nice except me. I was one of the oldest ones with a strange name Good Behaviour.

Every day children used to take books for reading, and I stayed untouched, with dust on me wondering why this was so. One of the neighbouring books was teasing me: “You are an old and torn book, and nobody will ever wish to read you.”

I was so sad till that day when a naughty boy came to the library, took me and started turning my pages with his soft fingers, and he read me, started thinking and eventually he changed his behavior. He started to be nice with his friends, to be well-behaved and kind with everybody. That is how both children and adults started admiring him.  All the children wanted to be like him.

Since that day I have become the most frequently read and the best book in the library.

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