Умот не е брод што треба да се натовари, умот е оган што треба да се разгори.“ - Плутарх

петак, 10. мај 2013.


Childhood - the most beautiful part of our life

Life is divided into several stages. There's a stage when we are children and we are totally complacent. A Stage of adolescence or teenagers when fresh problems are starting. Mature period when we have to take responsibility for things and to grow and mature. Each period brings accidents, joy and sorrow, beautiful and less beautiful moments, but each has its own weight and beauty.Teenage years are among the most beautiful. We learn more about ourselves, about our bodies, we can already decide what is good and what is bad. Girls start to pay more attention to themselves, develop a taste for clothes, music and movies. Spending more time in front of mirrors, caring if they have pimples or not liking how they look in their new pants. The boys are no longer dirty all day, they take care of their hair, want to have modern clothes, cell phones. In those years the quarrel they have with their friends or the fact that their crushes don't pay much attention mean the end of the world. Starting competitions of who hangs out with the popular kids, who has the best hang-out slot or who has the better brand clothing. Suddenly mothers and fathers who until yesterday were at the center at the universe now are their worst enemies from whom they need to be hidden. The first love, the small lies and the secrets are all part of everyone's childhood. In these years every day is special, every day is an adventure special for themselves, and every day is spring because there are new permanent things and events. Even though in these years everything looks scary and big and we think that we couldn't have worst days just because we have put ourselves in a shameful situation, everyone will wish to return to those careless days. The days of our childhood. Maybe everything looked scary and complicated, but we will admit that it was very easy and simple, we were teenagers and the world was ours to explore.
                                                         Filip Popovski
Покана за Меѓународен детски фестивал


Childhood is like a flying bird
It is like a sunny bloom
Which makes the tickles heard
Throughout the whole happy world.

Childhood is like a marry song
It is like a river
Which to valleys and snows belong.

When children’s happy laughter is heard
When everyone hears the flapping wings of a bird,
Then  the sky spreads around its rays
And the snowy wind never sways.

Ana Daneva VII-v /9
(prepev- Sonja Dimitrova)
Ангела Јовеска


It is nice to be a child
a dreamer that has no fear
run and pick flowers
in the fields with fowls and deer.

It is nice to be  a child
to sew dresses for a doll
and nobody ever scold.

Streets are yours coloured
with all the world
it is nice to be a child
in your soul full  
and everyone loves you too.

To the elderly sitting
on an old bench
I would give them hearts
and love that never ends.

Matea Taskovska VII b/9    Prepev: Julijana Mitevska
Искра Бојковска


In its childhood
every child plays with a ball,
and makes noise and fun, big and small.

Kids happily play outside
In yards and fields, every day,
as if they celebrate each other’s  birthday.

They are always brave and fresh
and   noone can break them nor smash.
Mums and dads grow them with love
and  teachers caress them on the wings of dove.

Each one of us 
Keeps its childhood in our mind
And nobody a better childhood will ever find.

         Ilina Nikolova  VI-1(prepev- Sonja Dimitrova)
Наталија Челебиќ


Spring is  a childhood
a childhood is a game,
better than a flower
cheerful than a play.
Childhood is a song
a river is  a childhood
an interesting story
lovely misic easy to play

Leon Kostov VI-1 
Prepev: Julijana Mitevska

Ивана Јачева
Христина Кировска
Елена Џеловска
Берта Стојковска
Ивана Пецакова
Александра Радевска
Илина Николоска
Матеа Штрковска
Ивана Христовска
Марија Кржовска
Стефанија Софеска
Кристина Јовановска
Сара Панковска
Бојан Стерјев
Марија Лазароска и Анастасија Тотовска
Теа Вељковиќ
Матеја Митева
Young  Investigators
School "Dimitar Miladinov"

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